Understanding Delco Radio Part Numbers 1968-1975


Prior to 1968, Delco Radio Division of GMC just used part numbers for identification and they were assigned mostly sequentially. Mist are of the form 98xxxxx or 72xxxxx though often the using model line (which included Studebaker and Dodge) would assign their own. For example '61-'63 GMC radios all are of the form 22xxxxx. These just need to be known.

However for the 1968 model year, Delco Radio adopted a standardised coding for GM-Model-Line radios which make it very simple to tentify exactly what a radio is by features, make, and model year. A sample of this "Service Model Number"is:


1970 Pontiac Grand Prix AM/FM Stereo

How ? Easy.

The first digit is the model year of the radio - 8 = 1968, 0 = 1970

The second digit is the car line:

1 = Chevrolet
2 = Pontiac
3 = Oldsmobile
4 = Buick
5 = Cadillac
6 = GMC

The third element is a letter which corresponds to the fisher body style the radio goes in:

A - Midsized              Tempest
B - Fullsized             Bonneville
C - More than full sized  Cadillac Fleetwood.
D - Rear control          Cadillac 75
F - Pony car              Firebird
G - A special             Grand Prix
H - Subcompact            Sunbird
X - Compact               Nova

The next two letters indicate the type of radio:

FP - AM/FM mono
FM - AM/FM Stereo
MP - FM Multiplex adapter (second part of a two-piece radio)
TZ - Stereo Tape Player (8-track)
RV - Reverberation Amplifier
FW - AM/FM/Weather band
MW - AM/FM stereo/Weather band

In 1970, integrated AM and AM/FM stereo/8 tracks becane available which added a third letter - T or "PBT" or "FMT" (yes Virginia, in 1970 there where a lot of AM - 8 track combos sold, FM stations were still a rarity in many parts of the country).

Finally there may be a digit (1, 2) on the end which indicates a running change or revision number.

About the ultimate was reached in the late 1970s with the model xxBFTC1 - An AM/FM stereo/8 track/CB unit in three pieces - the radio unit which went in the normal dash position, a CB unit which contained the transceiver electronics, and a control head/microphone. About as much as was ever put into a Delco radio.

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