Those who have gone before

These are cars that have resided with us for years at a time. There were others and as pictures are found will add.

Some have web pages, others are just scanned photographs, more are just a memory now. Unfortunately I have never been good at photography but "I never met a car I didn't like."

Padgett, Orlando, 2012-2018

First Cars: XK 150s Jag and MGA at College 1963
Found out why I could afford the Jag. Still must check oil pressure occasionally.

Camaro with Autocross Trophies, 1968 (web ppage).

B/P Corvette and '70 Buick GS (web page).

1974 Mazda 808 race car (web ppage).

'68 FIAT 124 Spyder, 5th used to sing to me. NPB
Sold to buy the '78 V-8 Sunbird"

Goat Wagon and 455 cid '75 Electra 225 Buick that won the Federal Energy Authority Fuel Economy Challenge.
(Trophy awarded in private since for publicity a family with a Chrysler Station Wagon "won".)

Two Pontiac H bodies, Azle, TX, 1981. Sunbird page

1967 Pontiac GP convertible "family car" 1985.

1972 GTO Station Wagon ca 1985
BRG paint and saddle interior were not standard options.

Goat Wagon, bringing the Judge home, 1987.

Other web pages for various cars and RVs no longer with us.

1990 Bonneville (1998)

D.A.R.E. Fiero (1998)

1992 TranSport (1998)

1966 Corvair Monza Convertible (2005)

1986 Fiero GT (2009)

1986 Vixen 21TD RV

1993 GTP

2006 SLK350

2006 Trail Manor

2007 Crossfire

1990 Reatta Convertible

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