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Comparing Reatta Headlight Cranks

Understanding Rochester - A Guide to Part Numbers

Delco Radios - A Guide to Part Numbers

Rebuilding Fiero and Firebird Headlamp Actuators (motors) 1982-86

Concerting Passive (Single Wire) Tachometers to HEI/TI Compatability

Simple Cam Magnet Replacement on a 3800

Replacing the Magnavox Ignition with a Delco Unit.

Comparison of AC Rapidfire #3 with #14 plugs in 3800 engine.

Adding Side Rails to a '12 Laredo

Adding Android Auto to an '11 CTS using Navtool

Cleaning Idle Air Controllers.

Replacing a Waterpump on a Buick 3800

The Many Black (and Silver) Boxes of the 1988 Reatta.

Space Saver Spare and Jack for a Vixen

Notes on the OTC Monitor 2000 Scan Tool

Inexpensive PC & Tablet based OBD-II Tools

Thoughts on Tablets and Portable Computing Devices

Tablet Toys

Generator Shootout 2015

Dread Rear Freeze Plug (3800)

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