1986 Honda Spacy

With the RV purchase, the need for an auxilliary surfaced. I had memories of pedalling a bicyle in the Arizona desert trying to find a coil for a VW campr that had died with Wife and Son inside.

Wanted to stay with something that could go on a rack on the back of the RV and not a Toad.

So started looking at scooters. Blah and Chinese dominated. Then a strange scooter appeared on Craig's List. Ugly paint but a Honda and with a disappearing headlight & digital dash.

Turned out this was 150cc so capable of at least a 45 MPG cruise. CVT so shiftless, liquid cooled. Turns out this was the design that all of the Chinese scooters were modeled on.

1986 to match the Vixen. Came with a service manual. Did I mention it was cheap ? (year's insurance and two year's registration matched the purchase price).

Was brush applied red. Now white. I like white.