Trailmanor 5757 2720SL


Have had a change in lifestyle/needs and the Vixen no longer fits well. Found I only drove it about 200 miles in last year. Problem with an RV is how to get around when you get there. Since am considering a lifechange that would allow the slow lap of the US I have always wanted to take and balance issues do not permit two wheeling any longer, something else was needed.

In addition the Vixen is wonderful and economical (over 25 mpg) but for two people they would need to be very very close. Also it is now eligable for showing at AACA events.

Did have this in the back of my mind when I bought the Jeep two years ago & made sure it had the factory towing package. 500lb tongue and 5,000 lb towing capacity. And I like weir^H^H^H^H unusual. Started looking for a HiLo but turns out they are not only out of business but were heavy. A 27T with slide had a nice layout but was at or over my weight limit. Then I found TrailManor.

Founded by William J. Hulsley in 1983 it should be a character in a Transformers movie since it starts out lower than the roof of my jeep and in a 22 foot package (with the swing-away hitch it fits in a 20 foot garage) then unfolds to 27 feet including a slideout with 6'4" headroom. And weighs less than a Reatta.

Facing Front         Facing Back

Opening up CL and RVTrader, I found many listings but most were spam of the same unit from one dealer. Very few by people and most of those seemed unrealistic (asking $12k for an eight year old coach that NADA had at $9k)

Prices nationally are all over the map but seem to fall into two areas: Under $8k and over $12k with very little in the middle. Also while I have deviated before generally I'll start with a low cost used model to find out what I really want. The 3326 looks like the best one for me but are not common so bought a popular '06 2720SL which has most of the later improvements.

Did want one with the slide and front sofa to maximise space between the stove and the sofa for a workstation area and just thought the slide was neat. Looked at several but did not feel right. Meanwhile there was one up in Ocala (about 70 miles) that looked interesting and when the dealer who handled mostly behemoths marked it down, I went for a look. Interior was like new but exterior showed some signs of corrosion. Looking under, all was well and clean though so figured was somewhere sea or gulf air could reach. Turned out it spent most of its life in Naples.

Bottom line we negotiated a price I felt was fair and left a deposit pending a full inspection the next week. Returned, inspected, and exchanged cash for title. Only problem was that I had arranged for them to install the brake controller. On Tuesday they assured me they had everything. On friday they had a cable for a Dodge and didn't fit my Jeep. What started out to be a quick turn around took eight hours instead.

Finally got away and while Florida has a 70 mph limit on Interstate and Turnpike I found it most comfortable at 65-67 on cruise. Was passed a lot but does not bother me. Calculated (two different ways) the 70 miles home averaged 18.5 mpg.

So now in the back yard and learning how everything works. Making a few mods also such as a rear view camera that is powered by the taillights. Now have a 2500/2200W generator that can power the 13,500 btu a/c nicely. Just need a tug to move around the yard.

Did buy new tires, originals were 215x75R14 LRC new are 205/75R15 LRD. Close to same diameter but rated at 300 lb higher load (2150 vs 1820 lbs).

One issue I had not thought about was that when I had the back garage built I thought a single 8 foot door would be adequate for anything. Then I found out that an 8 foot door is really 7'10" wide. And the TM is 7'11" with lights and awning. Now it looks like I could stretch the frame rails about 6" or just go to a 9' door but have various clearence issues that make that difficult.

So for now I have cleared out a shaded grotto from the natural Florida vegetation at the rear and put down a parking pad for the TM. Tarps keep leaves and acorns off.

Should also mention the TrailManor Owner's Forum. The forum has been around since the turn of the century and contains information about nearly every year and model of TrailManor plus the accessories and the wiring and every aspect of the TrailManor experience. There is even a section on tow vehicles (TV). The forum is part of the reason I decided to buy one.

2720SL Floor Plan courtesy of TrailManor.

Update 2017: Since the page was first written I have made a number of changes to the electrical system and the AC all to assist with dry camping in Florida (see also the Generator Shootout), The electrical part was to add 200W of solar panels with controller,

Solar panels on rear module.

exchange the single grp 27 battery for two GC2s with about double the capacity, acquire a 2400W (starting) 50 lb generator, add a 1kw inverter (to make coffee), provision for a float charger, and tie all of this together with a disconnect and circuit breaker system (battery cover removed).

Interior rear compartment (Honda eu2000i shown).

And finally have replaced the awning damaged by wind at Cortez with a new F45s from Fiamma (Orlando).

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