Estimated Market Prices for Zenith Trans-Oceanics

Note: this was originally written in 1996 but if anything at the end of 2001 the prices are even lower than indicated with some exception - NIB units, superb units particularly the first, last, and military T/Os are bringing record prices

The first thing to remember is that price/value of something like a Trans-Oceanic must be decided between buyer and seller. As with any rare/collectible item, emotion plays a big part, almost as much as the other two great deciders: Condition and Location.

Often the role of Location has been ommitted, probably because it works both ways - the potential buyer actually seeing the item in all of its glory (particularly if operating) will tend to bond, especially if he/she/whatever has not seen one before.

At the same time, the vision of crisp twenties and fifties (and particularly hundreds) can have an effect on the seller as well especially if contemplating having to load that turkey back in the truck.

Generally though, it is better from the buyer's standpoint to be able to see the unit and make her/his own expert evaluation of condition, something that is often not present in the seller (a knob is a knob) and can revise the estimation of the value of the unit accordingly.

It is important to remember that cosmetic parts for Trans-Oceanics are very hard to come by since few "parts units" exist. Unless you have the missing knob/WaveMagnet/faceplate, it may be a very long time (if ever) before you find one. About the only thing readily available are the plastic dial covers for 7G, 8G, and G500 Trans-Oceanics since at least one supplier can make these.

However, even such a simple thing as a handle may not be so available, at least if you want the correct one. For example while a -600 handle will fit (and started out as the same part) an R520/URR, it is the wrong color (black, not brown), and has a pivot hole in the middle which the R520 handle does not.

As a consequence, I would deduct 30% from the value of an otherwise nice T/O that has the wrong or broken knobs/handle/faceplate/latch assembly.

Also, keep in mind that to most people, a Trans-Oceanic is just another old radio. To a ham, it lacks digital tuning. To the bystander, it lacks FM-stereo (all before the Royal 3000 lack FM entirely). To everyone, it is BIG.

Next, anything over about $50 for a nice one is pure "collector value". Is a real value but a mutable one. For that reason I have divided the list into two sections, one for essentially "new in the box" or "totally restored correctly" radios in case you should happen to come across one, and a second for the typical hamfest radio - reasonable appearance with some wear but playing properly. Anything less is "under $50". Keep in mind that this is for two people who both know what it is and are being honest with each other.

Finally, these are my best guess as to estimated selling prices in the US based on my observations. Expect the asking price to be somewhat higher. When shopping by E-Mail, do not forget that packing is generally the responsibility of the seller while shipping costs are the buyer's. Within the ConUs, UPS ground will generally be between $15 and $25 for a TO that is properly packaged.

Since I wrote this eBay has grown to dominate the market. This online auction become a force of its own. To check on current TransOcenic listings try here and here .

Note: add $25-$50 for 220v adapter - all prices are in US$.

	Model			NIB	Radiofest

Tube Type

	7G605 (sailboat)	$600	$150-$250
        Note: sailboat grilles were used on first production only
              but were used on all 6G601 AM portables also. Check
              the serial number to be sure.
	7G605 (bomber)		$500	$100-$200

	8G005 (all)		$300	$ 75-$125

	G-500			$250	$ 50-$100

	H-500			$275	$ 75-$125

	-600			$250	$ 75-$125
        Note: add $25-$50 for leather case model if in excellent condition.
              deduct same if not.

	R520/URR		$500*	$150-$250*
	R520A/URR		$500*	$150-$250*

     * 	so few military models are on the market that the price is 
  	highly variable. Generally the open market condition is not 
  	as good as the civilian models. CAVEAT - have seen a number
        of Rs that have been repaired with civilian parts - see 
        page entries for what is supposed to be there - correct parts
        are *very* hard to find.

	Note: all came with log book in front cover. Deduct $20 if missing.

	Royal 1000, -1		$250	$50-$100
	Royal 1000D		$275	$75-$125

        Note: add $50 to value of any 1000 if has Grey Leather Case.
              deduct $20 from 1000 if removable wavemagnet is missing
	      deduct $20 if battery case is missing (1000 & 3000)
    	      add $15 for correct Zenith power supply (1000-1 & 3000-1)
	Royal 3000, -1		$300	$75-$150

	Royal 7000, -1		$300	$75-$150
	Royal D7000Y, -1, -2	$350	$100-$200

	R-7000, -1		$350	$100-$200
	R-7000-2		$400	$125-$225	

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