? R-520B/URR ? (1958 ? 1962 ?)

Some time ago a single face plate was found that implied the possibility of a third military TransOceanic model. The face plate is cream/brown/ochre in colour where a production 600 series would be gold/black/silver. The band switch legends are colour coded as on the other R-520s. There are no cut-outs for dial-light switch or earphone jack.

The second band legend is 4-9 Mc instead of the 4-8 Mc on other R-520s and indicates that manufacture would have been concurrent with the A-600 or B-600. It is believed that shipping crates were ordered that would fit such a model in conjunction with the aborted "Bay of Pigs" invasion.

I have created a -600 TO with an 6A40 chassis to use this faceplate as a display unit but would really like to know where this strange beast came from. I have been in contact with several ex-Zenith employees and the Radio Professors but no-one has ever seen anything like it.

In Jan 1996 a second TransOceanic was reported found in the midwestern United States with the same faceplate. Like the one I found, it was mounted in a different case and with a different chassis (in this case it has apparently been fitted to a 1953 R520 that has also received a replacement a/c plug for a R520A (see R-520A/URR a/c plug).

Have now obtained an original spare faceplate kit in the signal corps box. It has the p/n 5820-376-9371 crossed out and replaced with 5820-446-3891 and is marked "Cover, Panel Radio Receiver R-520/URR. Kent Plastics 6076. 15131-PP-62-A1-51" and is dated 6/62.

Apparently the Army did not quibble about the face being marked 4-9Mc instead of 4-8.

Further information welcome.

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