The Book

The best source of information on Trans-Oceanics is "Zenith Trans-Oceanic The Royalty of Radio" ISBN 0-88740-708-0 from The Radio Professors, POB 752, Stillwater, OK, 74076. The last time I looked, the price postpaid in the United States was U$26.95

I cannot recommend the book highly enough for both the facinating description of Zenith in the Trans-Oceanic period and, once you have reached the fanatic stage, finding the few errors, omissions, and creative restorations.

Is also currently available from Antique Radio Classified, Antique Radio Supply (see below), and

Great Northern

Probably the largest dealer specializing in antique Zeniths in the world. Certainly the most extensive stock.
	Great Northern Antiques 5159 Bloomington Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
 	PO Box 17338, Mpls, MN 55417; 
	phone (voice) (612) 727-2489 or (fax) (612) 824-3600

Sources of Tubes

Antique Electric Supply, Tempe Arizona. 602.820.4643 
	AES web site

Electron Tube Enterprises, Box 8311, Essex Center, Vt   802.879.1844
        Web Site

Sources for Books

Antique Electric Supply, Tempe Arizona. 602.820.4643 (ask for catalogue)

Antique Radio Classified 508.371.0512 - free CONUS shipping orders over $35.00
	Web Site - look under "Marketplace"

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