Badge-engineered Hickok Tube Testers

Over the years Hickok very different relationships with different concerns, the Stark corporation of Canada and the Western Electric Corporation in the United States. Starke was allowed to license-build versions of popular tube testers for sale in Canada (including the military TV-7C) while Hickok built versions of its own testers for Western Electric to use under their own name. These appear to have been for WE internal use and were not sold to the general public.Finally Hickok built a very rearranged version of the 533A for Philco to sell under their woun brand.

Stark Testers

The Canadian company built a number of testers for sale inside Canada under license from Hickok. The first of these is the model 8-77 which most closely resemble the a decontented 6000 series. Note that the socket platform is fixed and the tester has no transistor test. The black rectangle to the lower right is the shorts glow lamps normally found in the center of a 6000.

Stark (Canada) model 8-77

Another Stark is the model 9-66 which closely resembles another Hickok model, the 750 with the sockets moved to the side of the case from the center. Note the extension sockets mounted in the top of the case.

Stark (Canada) model 9-66

Western Electric

In the case of Western Electric, the company wanted something a bit different than the standard Hickok models and got them. Over a period of about 20 years, Hickok made a number of different units all bearing a "KS" or "Kearny Specification" units.

The first Western Electric varient shown is the KS 5727 L1. This appears very similar to the 536 (533 with line voltage meter) except for the two red buttons, both labeled "P4", making eight in all unlike the normal seven. Note the early style windowed settings which are charactoristic of KS testers

Western Electric KS-5727 L1

The next and more common that I have record of was the KS-15560 which was produced in L(evel)1 and L2 varients (mainly hardware differences. This was based on the Hickok 539 with the two smaller meters reversed.

Western Electric KS-15560 L1

The next KS was the 15750 series which corresponds to the 539A series. Note that neither of these have the plate current measurment capability - the two posts at the top are for bias input from a resistance decade box at the top of the case.

Western Electric KS-15750 L1

Finally we have the KS 15874, the WE version of the Hickok 1234/Military UMB-118. As can be seen there is little difference visible between the Hickok and the KS.

Western Electric KS-15874 L1

Philco 9100

In contrast, Philco contracted to Hickok for a tester that on first glance looked noting like any Hickok yest when examined closely it can be seen that this is really a 533A with many of the components rearranged but they are all there. Most telling is the row of seven pushbuttons with the red number 4.

Philco model 9100